About Leata

Company Culture

Foshan Shunde Leitai Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007and Network E- commerce in the waves and tides of the reform and open-up.  Over the past 10 years, Foshan Shunde Leitai has always been to create user value as the goal, 2017 into the second stage of development - network strategy stage,  Leitai has now developed into the top brand of personal care products OEM manufacturer.

“Foshan Shunde Leitai Doctrine” is innovation and its meaning is constructing the mechanism and platform for cultivating first class talents to continuously create value for customers, thus forming the win-win culture of individual-goal combination; at the same time, Foshan Shunde Leitai adheres to its philosophy that “Successful enterprises move with the times”and devotes to creating an evergreen enterprise full of vitality.

Foshan LEATA 's core values are:
Quality Check - Take the user experience as the standard
Price advantage - Profit together
Time management - on time delivery

"The company to respect the science, respect for knowledge, respect for talent" as the premise, to seek a breakthrough at all levels, and strive to innovation so that enterprises continue to move forward, in the leading high-tech resources to learn from the world's electrical industry, the essence of advanced technology, , High-quality electrical boutique.